DESCO™ Wallglass Wall System is a reinforced wall and/or ceiling system formulated with advanced polymer chemistry to allow flexibility and toughness. The series consists of four distinctive derivatives of this proven technology. WallGlass is available in high gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish. WallGlass can be formulated to withstand your demanding chemical exposure.


DESCO™ Colortite Wall System is an inorganic glazed coating that can be applied over gypsum board, block, concrete or structural glazed tile. Colortite’s inorganic content offers extended life to a wall or ceiling system. It is offered in solid colors or added features as veiling, multi-color and/or texture. The organic topcoat represents the latest in stain resistant technology.


DESCOFLEX™ Wall System is a coating system that combines the elasticity and toughness of a true membrane forming, two part poloyol with the stain resistance and color stability of a 100% solids advanced micro polymer. Descoflex offers crack bridging properties to dampen minor movement of concrete shrinkage, restraint cracking and temperature changes.




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