In the past, clients have looked to Terrazzo for quality, reliability, and value.  Now they are also looking for style, sophistication and commitment to total customer satisfaction.  Terrazzo fits any design plan, from simplistic to complex art-deco patterns.

Terrazzo's value is second to none - it will last the life of the building, so there are no replacement concerns for the future.  It is also an economical, low-maintenance alternative to marble or granite, while offering the attractive attributes of natural stone.

DESCO COATINGS is a member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association and the recipient of several NTMA Honor Awards, including the prestigious 2008 Job of the Year for our work on the Kansas City International airport.


See our award winning terazzo work by clicking the links below.

Children's Mercy Hospital

Liberty North High School

Kansas City Int'l Airport

St. Joseph Public Library

President Hotel

Prince of Peace

Sprint Cafeteria

Municipal Auditorium

Springfield Branson
National Airport



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