Protective floor and wall coatings offer easy cleaning in a sterile environment.

Fiberglass reinforced wall coatings with integral cove corners protect sheet rock walls from the demands of an operating theater. 


Pharmaceutical Owner with Multiple Locations

PROBLEM: A national pharmaceutical manufacturer with a strong presence in the Mid-West needed multiple major projects done through the Christmas shutdown period. One consisted of correcting moisture mitigation problems in production rooms while the other plant location involved strategic corridors that feed production and could not be shut down any other time.

SOLUTION: Desco pulled from the combined strength of our three production centers and amassed the “man-power” and talent to expertly plan, order and address each plants concerns. In one, the floors were completely removed down to a very uneven structural slab while protecting equipment supports. In concert with a leading moisture mitigation company, Desco applied and reapplied the Desco Quartz Cremona floors while leaving enough time at the end for proper cure of a decorative, chemical resistant quartz system. The other plant provided the drama of not knowing until the last minute that an upstairs corridor would need to be added to the already substantial work load. The Desco project manager and foreman logistically worked out the amorphic schedule to make sure all the hand troweled Desco Quartz Cremona floor and integral cove base were completed on their schedule.




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