Desco Polymer Floor Systems


DESCO™ Quartz Cremona Series
  is a trowel or strata applied resin with multi-sized aggregates. It delivers a mosaic look with synthetic aggregates in vivid colors. Available in varying sizes of factory colored aggregates. Top coats are offered in different sheens, textures and color stability. Desco Quartz Cremona TG is a hand troweled system, containing grade 11 aggregates. Desco Quartz Cremona DB is a double broadcast floor consisting of grade 28 aggregates. Texture can be coarse, medium or smooth.

DESCO™ Mosaic
  is a seamless, decorative, resinous floor system manufactured for a wide range of uses. The system offers superior, chemical, impact and abrasion resistant properties as a heavy duty system while maintaining an aesthetic appearance. A gradation of special aggregates adds higher compaction of the system, creating a chip resistant floor. Different finish coats and/or textures are available for a more wide range of uses.

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DESCO™ Industrial Series
  is a trowel-applied or layered thermo-setting flooring material that can be installed over any sound concrete surface. This product possesses exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion and to most acids, alkalis and solvents. The molecular cross-linking that occurs during the curing process creates these unique properties. Texture for the intended environment can be configured for the slip resistance required.

DESCO™ MRF Flooring System
is designed for Mechanical Equipment rooms where waterproofing, chemical resistance and wearing surfaces are required. Optional cove base is available for full containment


DESCO™ Granite Series
is a polymer system designed for use as a floor, cove base and wall system. This durable material is tough, abrasive resistant and light reflective. It incorporates chemical and U.V. resistant polymers. Multi-color chips are available in four sizes. A decorative coating of unlimited color design or range is achievable.


DESCO™ Verona Series
is a hybrid polymer system designed for use as a floor. This material is light reflective and tough with random chips for color. It offers chemical and U.V. resistant polymers in the form of a high-build clear layer with an abrasion resistant orange peel texture. The Verona Series incorporates the look of a terrazzo floor where pigmented matrix defines the multi-colored chips. An economical decorative floor coatings system.


DESCO™ HydraBond

Is combined with any of the above floor systems to fullfill the need of a mositure vapor control system. It allows the application of a floor system where a below slab vapor membrane is not in place or is of questionable effectiveness. It also allows the coating of new concrete.


Any can be added to any of the systems above. We have a wide range of types and colors.  Choose from water based, moisture cure or chemical resistant urethanes, all of which are available in aliphatic and VOC compliant formulations.

ESD Control Systems

These systems are for use in environments where electrostatic discharge is a major concern.  The ESD Control Systems provide excellent static control properties while enhancing chemical and abrasion resistance. Contact Desco for detailed information.



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