THE DESCO COMPANIES are unique among contracting firms. 

Since our inception in 1959, DESCO has strived to offer the architectural and engineering communities the highest quality of technical surfacing system applications and services. 

All our journeymen applicators have completed an apprenticeship program designed specifically for our industry.  This program has been in place since 1963.

We have worked closely with our suppliers over the years to develop many of the products and systems we now use.  The combination of surfacing systems, quality control and expert training allow us to offer a single-source guarantee for materials and workmanship.  

The DESCO Companies have the knowledge and bonding capacity to complete any size project.  Our consultants and salespeople work closely with designers to make sure all project requirements are met the first time.  Our experienced applicators can offer suggestions for product detailing to insure the final products will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Chemical-resistant industrial flooring
Ceramic granular seamless flooring with integral cove base
Elastomeric waterproofing for Mechanical Equipment Rooms
Epoxy terrazzo in conductive and nonconductive patterns
Conductive flooring system to meet NFPA and Armed Forces standards
Conductive sparkproof floors throughout total thickness
Resin fortified cementitious industrial flooring
Static dissipating flooring
Moisture vapor control systems
Flexible terpolymer, fiberglass, reinforced interior wall surfacing
Inorganic glazed wall surfacing
Hand trowelled decorative walls
Exterior inorganic wall coating (available in varied textures)
Glazed elastomeric interior wall surfacing
Vehicular waterproof traffic surfacing
Decorative, pedestrian waterproof surfacing


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